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The Art of Writing

written on 7 July 2021

In this article, I share the reasons why I insist on writing.

So why do I insist on writing? I have been writing articles as a practice since last August during the pandemic time, and the topics can span from finance, to personal development. Whenever I encounter or learn something worth recording, I write them down. I have managed to write about twenty articles in year 2021 so far, some of which are already on my website.

I find writing intriguing. In fact, ever since I started school, I have found writing the best way to express my thoughts and ideas. Unlike speaking and other ways of communication, writing enables me to organize my thoughts neatly before I present them. I can take time to elaborate on my thoughts and main points to make them logical, persuasive, and convincing.

If there are some benefits which I am aware of that writing has been giving me, they are as below:

1. Writing enhances my language proficiency.

One of the most obvious advantages that writing has been giving me, is that it improves my English proficiency significantly. When we speak or write in our mother tongue, we do not have to ‘search for the suitable vocabularies’ to represent our thoughts. They just come naturally. However, when it comes to a second language (to me, English), sometimes it can be hard to express in suitable words.

By writing regularly, I train my mind to learn new words, and get familiar with English sentence structures. I broaden my vocabs each time I write. I also learn to write in multiple tones. I can adapt my writing into different needs, be it formal, informal, or persuasive.

2. Writing helps me to organize and elaborate on my thoughts.

Writing is a process that take times. Unlike speaking, we can make corrections to our writings as much as we want to. Every time I have a new idea, I can always go back to my writing and make amendments. This also allows me to integrate my writing, so it can be more complete and fluent to read.

3. Writing helps to train my logical and critical thinking.

After I have completed a writing, I always reread it multiple times. I do this not only to reduce mistakes, but also to ensure that my writing is comprised of logical and precise points. I am always afraid of grammar errors or logical fallacies in my writing, so I always reread, from a reader’s perspective. Then, I proceed to rectify the mistakes, if any.

Throughout the history of human time, there exist a lot of ways in which thoughts and emotions can be conveyed. Writing is one of the greatest forms among all. Through words, we pass on informations and knowledge through generations. We express our ideas and thoughts, in a way that is able to withstand the trials of time and space. In words we find wisdom, joy, despair, enlightment, and hope.

I admire those who can enlighten people with words. Here I end this article with one of my favourite quotes:

'A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination. But when you add to that a literate tongue or pen, then you have something very special.'
- Nelson Mandela.