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My first article

written on 27 March 2021

Hi, This is Terrance. I am currently an English tuition teacher. I had majored in International Business in the college. After graduating from college, I co-founded a tuition centre in Johor Bahru with two partners.

In my years of teaching, I started to see more of the problems in our education system. Our current education system has gone astray. Children are trained to obey. They are praised for doing exactly what they have been told, while the so-called 'disobedient ones' are being punished. No opinion is allowed. Individualism is not encouraged.

Academic performance is now the 'No.1 priority'. Kids are asked to score high in Science and Maths. Physical Education classes have been 'borrowed' by Maths teachers to conduct Maths exams. Art teachers no longer teach children how to draw, instead, they use the supposed Art Class time to teach Chinese.

I realised that something has to be changed. In fact, most of us are actually aware of the risk in stake. We are just too proud to admit that it is us, who failed the kids in the first place. Faith on the education system has to be restored. Kids are supposed to learn what they enjoy. We have failed them before. We got to fix it before it was too late.

I strive to empower children with the power of technology. I deeply believe that, one of the best ways to help children, is to give them choices. Choices to choose what they like. Choices to be well equiped of knowledge. Choices to make their own decisions.

PS: Currently I am self teaching to code. I intend to use this website to record my daily learning, also some of my personal milestones. Stay tuned for more updates! Cheers!